Research Skills

❖ Support for European integration
❖ National identity in Europe
❖ Support for institutions
❖ Public opinion research
❖ Survey research methods
❖ Experiment design

❖ Research Design
❖ Probability and Statistics
❖ Political Science Data Analysis (Methods III)
❖ Bayesian Modeling for the Social Sciences
❖ Survey Research Methods
❖ Maximum Likelihood Estimation (Methods IV)
❖ Causal Inference
❖ Comparative Institutions
❖ Comparative Public Policy
❖ Game Theory
❖ Advanced Experimental Economics
❖ Public Policy: Institutions and Processes
❖ Responsible Conduct of Research Course

❖ Fluent Portuguese; Fluent Spanish
❖ Computing fluency in R, Stata, LaTeX
❖ Minimal computing proficiency with OutWitHub (webscraping tool)

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